Monday, June 05, 2006

Testing...1 2 3....Testing

1. My fav food?

2. Where did we meet?

3. How long have you known me?

4. How well do you know me (a lot, not so much, nothing)?

5. When you first saw me what was your first impression?

7. Color Hair?

8. Color eyes?

9. What is my fav type of music?

10.What is one of my fav things to do outdoors?

12. Am I shy or outgoing?

13. Would you consider me a friend? (U dnt have an option lol)

14. Have you ever seen me cry? If yes, how many times?

15. If there were one good nickname for me, what would it be?

16.I had broccoli stuck on my teeth, would you tell me?

17. Quiet or loud?

18. Short or Tall.

19.Weird or original.

20. Smart or stupid?

21. Boring or Fun?

22. Hot or not???

23.A psycho?


25. A nerd?

26. Two-faced?


28. Mature?


29. What is the worst thing about me?

30. When is my birthday?

31. Who is my best friend?

32. What song(if any)reminds you of me?

33. Do I remind you of any characters on TV?

34. If you could rename me, what would my name be?

35. A feature that you like about me as a person.

36. If you could give me anything, what would it be?

37. If you could describe me in one word, what would it be?

38. What word do I say all the time?

39. Is there anything you would like to say to me?

U want it....HAVE IT

Yeah I did want sun but I did not ask for boiling point!

Home hell errr sweet Home...So am finally back home got here on friday by 7:00 a.m. had to see my relatives took me 10 hours and some came by home to meet me and did not yet finish...yeah Arabs and thier cousins!

Am missing my "cheers mate" friends terribly *hint hint* come and visit me :D pweeez! It's boiling outside and mum has been asking me to loose weight mum would be happy if I looked hungry and starved to death then to her I would like "normal" AND nice! I mean maaan ... no comments!

Too lazy to update becuz it's too hot and ahhh.. have nothing to say. Pssssst *whispers* to Qatar cat you can find lots of fun on ( ;) Hope u like it!


Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Sorry been away for some time....was enjoying my time in Bushland! I went through shit getting there slept at 2:00 a.m. had to wake up to catch the train to get to the airport 2 hours after that so I was dead tierd.

So yeah got to the airport checked in and then checked the screens for the gate and it wasn't there my flight was at 12:40 and it was 11:30 so I thought ok will do a bit shopping that will keep me busy by 12:00 I went to check the screens again but the gate number was not yet announced, by 12:15 I started to worry so I thought I will go and ask a member of staff

Irony: excuse me my flight is due to depart at 12:40 and the screen does not show the gate number.

Staff: Oh nothing to worry about just stand infront of the screen and wait a little it will tell you don't worry.

Irony: Oh ok. Thanks!

Tick tock...tick's 12:25 no sign of the gate on screen so I went to the information desk and there was another family who seem to have the same problem and I asked the lady behind the counter

Irony: Excuse me what gate should I be heading to for flight number ***!!??

Stupid Lady: It will show on the screen

Irony: (for fuck sake there is nothing on screen) Ummm but my flight is in 20 mins and the screen doesn't show me any gate

Stupid lady: Then that means your flight has been delayed I can't tell u anything the only way to find out is to stand infront of the screen...

Irony: thanks (bitch)

And then went searching for another member of staff found this dude and said

Irony: Excuse me I asked more then 3 members of staff my flight is leaving in 15 mins could I please know what the gate NUMBER IS??????

Lovely dude: lemme check for u

Irony: Ok....

Lovely dude: IT'S GATE 13 RUN RUN RUN u have 10 mins be4 take off..

I removed my shoes and started runing ...met this member of staff on my way and she asks me what's ur name where are u in this I say there that's me and she says RUN ...she picks her walkie talkie saying she is heading towards u she just passed me...SO I RUN RUN RUN...and get to the gate breathless and then complain that thier screens are messed on the flight breathless...everyone is just staring at me like some terrorist!!

So yeah I get to chicago where I have to changed flights and I had only an hour and a half before my other flight departs plus I had to check out and check in again and go through the security point. The queue was SO LONG there was no way I would catch my flight I needed two hours to get to my turn to the security 30 mins later I think fuck it I will cut through and tell them I have a flight to I cut through and just say I have a flight to catch some of them replied we have one too so all I had to say was then follow me...I can't wait I will miss my flight so I get at the front and the bitch staff says well u cut through I say so I need to catch a flight and she was like yeah ok fine as long as the ppl behind u don't mind...then I tell her no one is complaining !!!

So I get through and then again had 25 mins be4 my flight takes off and so my shoes had to come off once again and ran the marathon again until I got to my gate...I deserve a gold medal and I finally got to my desitination...and was in the "jet lag" phase and all confused and hungry got used to it in 2 days and then went SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING.

Oh well two lovely weeks pass by so fast and I had to get back to blairland and so I had to catch my flight from New york to london and had two hours to change airports and catch my flight to london and to make things worse the flight from my destination to new york was delayed by 25 mins!!! So I ask a member of the crew on the flight if I would b able to make it and he says he doubts it and that's the last flight to london...and he goes off asking someone else who knows NY better then that dude comes back to me and says : You got to run and speak to one of the agents and tell them abt ur problem...but u could make it!

So once again I get off the plane and run and ask an agent and the agent goes oh u can make it just run it's sunday and a holiday there is no I wait for my bags which took another 25 mins and then run into a can saying to JFK plz HURRY my flight is in 1 hour mins and he says oh it takes 30 mins to get I just had to pray in the cab and keep my fingers crossed he drove like a mad man and we got there in 20 mins and I went in and just JUST got my flight back to london!

AHHHH that was hectic...but I enjoyed my stay! Oh yeah in the airport whenever I got to the security check point they keep on bullshitin me and say oh ur a random check plz come with me and they check my bags and shit....yeah right I was a random...bullshit! Just becuz am an arab they think am a terrorist and they have to go through stupid security checks yeah whatever!

So got back to U.K. and am sooooooo in the "jet lag" phase I actually fall asleep at 4:00p.m. and wake up at 10:30 p.m. and then I can't sleep until 5:00 a.m. and then get up at 7:30 a.m. messed up I know...and so I have two nights to unpack and pack again becuz am going home for the summer!! Yay!!! Am leaving for home tomorrow so I might be a bit busy and slow with updates ...

p.s. (A big fast juicy kiss to my panda ;o) )

Friday, May 12, 2006

Love is in the air!

1) What is love??

2) does true/perfect love exist??

3) Is love there to torture us?? or make us happy?

4) Is love "really" blind?

5) Would u die for love?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I don't get it???

In university we meet different people with different backgrounds..but we learn to love each other and become friends no matter what differences we have (most of the time) BUT the Chiense they never hang around with anyone but from China and am talking out of experience of 4 years.

Don't get me wrong they are friendly and sweet but they would never form a group of friends and go out with people from different countries wether they were from europe, africa, america ANYWHERE! The fact that you live with one for 2 years and she hardly even says Good Morning is not really nice is it?? until me and my flat mates make an attempt to say Hi when we meet in the kitchen with her only then will she reply back..

Another thing is that thier english is very bad, yes I understand their first language is not english but neither is mine, but when am spoken to I do understand and could reply back clearly, but most of the chiense in the uni hardly construct one full proper sentence. Especially when u try to explain something to them if they had done something wrong OH MY GOD it's as if I am in a battle and end up practicing sign language with them!

I mean ok let's take my school the business school if she can't understand something I say at home how on earth does she understand the lecturer that brings in business terms that even the english themselves need an explnation for. The lecturer in class also uses stronger words so how do they understand anything??? Does she act as if she does not understand jack shit so she won't have to do what am asking her to do or accept her mistake?? Or do they truley don't understand the language?

If so then maybe they should stop hanging around with each other and speaking nothing but thier own mother tounge language maybe they should start forming friends outside the box and practice thier english and as well educate themselves about different countries and cultures it is fun!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

365 days old!

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday dear "BLAH"

Happy Birthday to Youuuuu


Friday, May 05, 2006


Yeah this annoying flat mate ...why do I have annoying flat mates...she appeares from no where once every 100 years ok maybe not 100 years but you know what I anyways she first comes into the flat thumping up the stairs like there is no tomorrow and then SLAMS the door behind her which shakes the whole flat! so I breath in and out calm ....must stay calm! So at night as me and the afghan and panda were talking she comes out looking like a witch and asks us to keep it down becuz she is trying to sleep and she has an "exam" as if no one has an exam other then her...well she better stop slaming and thumping up and down the stairs for once and stop disturbing everyone else in the early hours of the morning!

She brings in her bf and they both take over the WHOLE kitchen like they own it mind you he does not pay for the flat..moving on they destory the whole kitchen with thier organic food and dirt everywhere the hob is disgusting and looks like someone has puked all over it and then they just think they could leave the kitchen...anyway then comes the afghan fumes and starting pulling her hair! so she asks me and panda and we both say no it wasn't WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE!!! mmmm let me guess?!

So I knock on the "organics" door and call her to the kitchen and ask her if she was the one who left the hob dirty...she stares at it for like 100 hours I mean people come on if it wasn't would just say no it wasn't don't have to think wether it's you or not unless yeah it was like a "putana" (practising my greek) she denies it...oh maybe it's my mother who cooked on the hob she ends up cleaning it she was like oh I don't mind cleaning it though...AS IF SHE WOULD EVER CLEAN AFTER HERSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE so that she would b so kind to clean after someone else??? BULLSHIT she is such a lair she did it! LAIR

Yeah next....we put a notice on the door asking anyone and everyone to make sure the door doesn't slam behind them after they leave and like a whore this moring at 8:00 a.m. SHE SLAMS THE DOOR even after reading the notice....that was it for me I went and put a notice on the door specified to her asking her if she has problems understanding??? and she should stop slamming the door behind her...she obviously read it and took the note down!

and then the cheecky cow keeps on thumping up and down the corridor all day and slaming doors like it's no one's business...when am trying to yeah tonight I will scream my head off and let me see her asking me to keep it low I will just burst into her face telling her to shut the hell up and that she should stop bothering me and runing up and down the floor with her organic self loooool dunno why I said that...n e way yeah let the game begin!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Huh pink?? whaaat? No way...

So yeah I thought I would update my blog becuz all my fans out there deserve it! lol anyway I haven't been upto anything other then studying and looking at my four walls...and am sure no one is intrested to hear abt my books and four walls...but I did end up going to take my photo sitting with my friends and the pics looked fab...well some did!

Just wondering why do we always allocate colours to specific sexs like PINK for girls and BLUE for boys...says who?? why can't pink be for boy and blue for girls I mean if a girl wore blue no one would really point out and perhaps get a compliment or two.. but if a boy for example wore a bright pink people might give him funny looks and wonder hmmm is he gay??...why is that??? what if pink was for boys?? why do we judge people?? who ever said pink was just a girly colour and actually I love it when a boy wears a pink shirt like baby pink I think it's cute...

Just because we humans decieded to allocate specific colours to sepcific genders that does not mean every single individual has to follow and abide by the rules it's not a fact that a boy who wears Pink is gay or wrong or whatever...just like how we humans like to believe this is for female and that is for male well maybe some people out there would also like to believe not! Nothing wrong with that!

I can smell summer!!! go on boys go shopping in Pink!